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[UPD] Microsoft Office 2003 Multilingual User Interface Pack MUI

🔘 Microsoft Office 2003 Multilingual User Interface Pack MUI :::
The Office 2003 Multilingual User Interface Pack does not replace the localized versions of Word and Office that Microsoft will continue to release. For users using the Office application suite produced by Microsoft and Adobe Systems, the Russian-language interface is used, and vice versa.
In 2004, Microsoft offered a batch upgrade from Office Version 2003 to Office 2003 Service Pack 2 with more functionality and support for new languages, including Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Hindi, and Hindaolone.
Microsoft also announced a set of Office Online services, including the Microsoft Edge web browser, Cortana voice assistant, and Kinect collaboration system. In addition to these services, Microsoft introduced the SkyDrive program of the same name, based on the SkyDock "cloud storage" technology, which allows users to "merge" data from their computers to various resources - remote servers, Wi-Fi networks, etc. One of the main features Office Online is the ability to collect documents, applications and other materials related to various functions - from viewing presentations to searching websites in one account. It uses the same technologies as Office 2003.
Each new generation of Windows brings closer user interaction with various applications, which can significantly affect the efficiency of their use and provide support for new technologies and solutions.
On April 10, 2008, Microsoft announced Office 2010. In 4 years, the release of Office 2010 has become one of the most important Microsoft initiatives in the market. Together with the Office 2010 package, the company offered a new Office 365 Personal office suite.
In fact, immediately after the announcement of the new Office 2010, a detailed comparison with the original versions began. According to critics, Office 2010 is not much superior to them in terms of quality, functionality and convenience, and the price is too expensive. In addition, there are a number of problems when working in Office 2010, which were quickly discovered and fixed. For example, due to the trend towards excessive use of parallel processes (that is, when performing certain tasks more than two processor cores are simultaneously involved), Office 2010 made it impossible to run several tasks in parallel on one computer.
As the main innovations in Office 2011, announced on June 11, 2011, were:
At the end of the event, Steve Ballmer announced that the number of pre-installed programs of the Office suite released in 2011 will exceed 5 million. Editions of the Microsoft Office suite are now available f02ee7bd2b